Where is Anne Frank

'Where is Anne Frank' was adapted from the autobiography 'The Diary of Anne Frank', which was written during the Second World War. It was produced as an initiative of the Anne Frank Foundation in collaboration with UNESCO, the Claims Conference, as well as the Foundation of the Memory of the Shoah, among others.

This film tells the story of Kitty, a fiery, vintage-dressed teenager. Kitty is actually the manifestation of the girl whom Anne pictured talking to, while writing her diary. One day, Kitty wakes up at Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam and embarks on a journey to find Anne, whom she believes is still alive. As she retraces Anne's footsteps, Kitty slowly discovers Anne's legacy as she handles the shock of post-WWII modern Europe.

Ruby Stokes lent her voice to Kitty in this film, while Anne Frank is voiced by Emily Carey from 'Casualty' (2014-2017, 2021). Meanwhile, Anne Frank's Peter is voiced by Sebastian Croft.

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