The Resurrection

'Resurrection' tells the story of a single mother Margaret who seems to successfully balance her career while taking care of her unruly daughter Abbie. Despite her position in the job, just like any other mother, oftentimes she seems to be unable to control the independent Abbie who is about to go to college.

Life is well until a man from Margaret’s past comes back into her life. Suddenly, her forgotten two-decade-old trauma smacks her face again just as David, the man, approaches, appearing in front of her on several different occasions.

The cast in the film includes Rebecca Hall from 'Godzilla vs. Kong' (2021) as Margaret, Tim Roth from 'Twin Peaks' (2017-2020) TV series as David, Grace Kaufman from 'The Fungies' (2020-2021) TV series as Abbie, and Michael Esper from 'The Outsider' (2020) TV series.

The film is written and directed by Andrew Semans, known for his work in 'The White Crow' (2018). The cinematography of the film is by Wyatt Garfield, edits by Ron Dulin, and music by Jim Williams.

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