On The Count of Three

'On the Count of Three' opens with a scene of two characters standing under the cold winter sun, holding guns towards each other. The twist is that they are best friends and, no, their friendship has not gone through a big enough problem to kill each other. Instead, this scene introduces the central premise of the story. Played by Jerrod Carmichael and Christopher Abbott respectively, Val and Kevin are two friends who have decided to commit suicide together in a nameless city in New Jersey.

Val has decided that his purposeless life is not worth living anymore, as the screenplay clearly shows how he is merely existing, not living. Kevin, on the other hand, is already adept in the subject. He is a patient of a mental institution with a long track record of tantrums and suicide attempts. On what’s assumed to be their last day, the duo decided to tie up loose ends before they do each other in.

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