Hold Your Fire

Directed by documentary specialist Stefan Forbes, 'Hold Your Fire' tells the story of a little-known episode in crime history. The said event took place in a sporting goods store in Brooklyn in the year 1973.

Owned by Jerry Riccio, the store became a witness to what is claimed to be the longest hostage event in the history of the New York Police Department. The situation started as a robbery, before everything escalated into a full-blown hostage crisis.

Not looking for money, the four young black Muslim men were after guns. They robbed the store because they needed the guns to protect themselves and their families after receiving threats from the Nation of Islam. Before the quartet could get away, the cops showed up, which in turn, forced them to take 11 hostages inside the store.

The standoff between the NYPD and the criminals lasted for 47 hours, and shootouts between the two groups happened, one of which resulted in the death of a young police officer, Stephen Gilroy.

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