Taking place in three different settings over the span of 36 hours, 'Foxhole' is a complex film built on the foundation of a simple premise. The complexity of this Jack Fessenden’s sophomore project specifically lies in character development.

Set in three different, completely uncorrelated stories, the film tells the conflicts unfolding between five American soldiers who are confined in a foxhole as they scuffle with morality and vanity with increasing combat tension carried away in the background. The actors play characters of the same name with slight variations to adjust to each story’s context.

The first segment is set in the American Civil War and the story is kickstarted with Jackson (Motell Gyn Foster) entering the foxhole, very badly wounded. The dilemma of the first story started when the other four characters were conflicted about whether or not to take him to the nearest hospital, endangering all five in the process.

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