Crimes of The Future

David Cronenberg comes back to write and direct another masterpiece this year with 'Crimes of the Future', an R-rated body horror film. He also directed a film of the same title in 1970, although it is in no way related to the one released this year.

This film is his comeback to the science fiction horror genre, after his 1999's 'eXistenZ'. The story takes place in a dystopian future where humans are adapting to a synthetic environment, altering their bodies altogether. Some undergo these alterations at a faster rate than others, in what is called "Accelerated Evolution Syndrome", where one's body develops new, bizarre organs in a transhuman way. Celebrity performance artist Saul Tenser and his partner Caprice take advantage of the phenomenon, by turning the removal of these new organs into avant-garde performances for curious onlookers and loyal supporters alike, drawing the attention of the government and a strange group of people in the process.

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