Different Kinds Of Comb

Many treatments for headlice become ineffective as the nits build up immunity to them. But a clinic in London is offering a service with a 100% guarantee of success.

Many of us will be all too familiar with the memory of the school nit nurse – that matron-esque figure looming over us with a rather scary looking comb. Even then you couldn’t be sure the comb would elimate all the nits.

Thankfully, there’s now a professional way to deal with an outbreak of the nasty bugs. The Hairforce Clinics nit and head lice spa claims to be the only 100% guaranteed way to eliminate all traces of headlice and their nits. This specialised service is dedicated to killing all lice and nits without chemicals, by hand – strand by strand. All parents need to do is call the nit-busting hotline, arrange an appointment and arrive at the spa with their children in tow.

Upon arrival, children and adults are assigned an expert Lice Assassin. Armed with a lice hoover, medical magnifying visor, a LiceMeister nit comb, precision tweezers and a perfectionist streak, the Lice Assassin means business. While they defeat the little critters, clients relax in special massage chairs, in glorious surroundings and are distracted with the latest computer games, DVDs and magazines.

The Hairforce is waging the war on nits and lice. This microscopic enemy is reaching epidemic proportions here in the UK with millions of children affected every year. In addition, siblings, parents, grandparents, nannies and teachers are also susceptible. Although many splurge annually on a variety of lotions, shampoos and treatments, often enough they are ineffective, as lice have developed immunity to them. The Hairforce has witnessed the struggle as some parents have used products for months, even years, in the battle to clear their children and themselves.

Dee Wright, founder of The Hairforce says,

“I wanted to find a creative and effective solution to an ongoing and unpleasant disease that is so difficult to solve. Headlice and nits are becoming increasingly immune to previous methods of treatment, rendering most ineffective. My Lice Assassins clear many people with major long-term infestations that couldn’t be treated any other way.”

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