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The definitive list of the top 60 inspirational women over sixty - nominated and chosen by older women

Proving that life doesn’t stop at retirement age, Look Fabulous Forever has polled its customers and put together the definitive list of the top 60 inspirational women over the age of sixty.

Survey: ‘60 over Sixty’

To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day Look Fabulous Forever, the beauty brand for older women, polled nearly 1000 of their customers worldwide to discover and compile the definitive list of 60 inspirational women over the age of sixty.

Traditionally at an age known for retirement, pensions and taking life a little slower, the survey celebrates a diverse group of women over the age of sixty who are still living a life of purpose and direction. All those featured in the top 60 are still active, engaged and making an important contribution to the world and the industries they represent. An inspiration to those over sixty as well as the younger generation who follow.

“I’ve long thought that the rich pattern and experience of women’s lives past the age of 60 is neither sufficiently acknowledged nor celebrated. By creating this list, I wanted to shine a light on the talent, hard work and commitment these women show to their respective professions and the ways in which they are still enriching all our lives in a meaningful way. I am delighted by the diversity of the list and hope it serves as inspiration to a younger generation of women that life can be exciting and fulfilling past the age of 60.” Tricia Cusden, Founder Look Fabulous Forever.

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