Flower - Pink Hibiscus

It has been said that flowers are beneficial for our mental and physical well-being alike, from edible flowers improving our skin to some plants providing mental soothing and helping with stability in our everyday life.


Lavender has been noted as the flower of sleep. It comes in many shapes and forms, from oils and perfumes to its original plant form. Although it does not cure insomnia, its soothing aroma and delicate smell has helped many people with sleeping issues, and is often prescribed by holistic doctors to improve the cycle and hygiene of sleep. It has been used to treat medical conditions such as headaches and acne, as well as aiding people who suffer from anxiety or depression. Mixed with modern medicine, the use of lavender is a great way to bring a drop of calmness into the hectic daily life.


Roses have been used for many purposes on many occasions, and not just a dozen for Valentine’s Day. The rose is often mixed into skincare products to help soothe any irritation that may be occurring on the skin, and also produces a delightfully fresh, clean smell that is regularly used in perfumes and sprays. Roses are edible flowers and can be used to make a fresh cup of tea to create a herbal mix. It is free of caffeine and is a great alternative for anyone who would love a change in their choice of beverage and switch it up for a fresh hot aromatic drink.

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