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There’s no reason you can’t look good in the middle of a muddy field

Festivals might be held in muddy fields but that doesn’t mean fashion has to be all about wellies and wax jackets. Read our guide to staying stylish during the festival season.

Mud, cider, portaloos, mosh pits. It all adds up to a fashion nightmare, doesn’t it? But if you’re a dedicated festival goer you’ll need to do something to get through a long weekend in a tent with only a wet wipe for washing with and nowhere to plug in a pair of GHD’s.

The number one must-have for any festival-goer has got to be wellies. Not all of us have the spending power for a £100 pair of Hunter gumboots, but this it something you should invest in – a field is a field and any festival that is set outside in the UK will invariably be at the mercy of the weather. That is – rain. But don’t worry – if you haven’t got a pair already, you’ll have a range of patterns and colours to choose from as you shop; an ever-increasing rainbow, from classic Her Maj green to the popular marigold. So there’s no reason your wellies cannot be as glam as other parts of your outfit.

A very close second on the must-have list is a chic pair of sunglasses. These will cover the dark rings from last night’s pow-wow and the fact that you’ve barely found room for mascara in your make-up bag, let alone eyeliner, concealer and shadow. Slap on a neon lippy, slip on your shades and no one need be any the wiser that underneath it all you’re looking like death warmed up.

While the sensible voice inside you is saying to pack jeans, jeans and more jeans, the seasoned festival-goers know that a dress or something baggy and oversized is ultimately more festie-friendly. Dresses are lighter and take up less room in your bag, light cotton dries out more quickly than denim, and a cute pattern disguises stains. Not to mention that the quicker you can get in and out of the loo the better.

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