Beagle Dog
What does a hungry dog have in common with the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Answer: they were both the subjects of wacky insurance.

From children swallowing diamonds to camera-eating dogs, here are some of the more unusual reasons that prompted people to file contents insurance claims.

We all need insurance. You never know what is going to happen to your valued possessions. And sometimes truth is stranger than fiction when it comes to the bizarre accidents that happen to people’s belongings, judging by some of the odd insurance claims that have been made.

Most people take out home contents insurance to protect their possessions from the unexpected, such as theft or accidents. However, a survey unearthed some of the more unusual reasons that prompted people to file claims on their contents. These might sound funny but each was a real-life claim.

  • A diamond eaten by a small child.
  • A digital camera eaten by a dog.
  • A broken window, caused by a woman who threw a plate at her husband but missed.
  • A contact lens which fell from the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  • A dining chair that melted in the sun.
  • A pram, fortunately empty, which was damaged when a woman reversed over it in her car.
  • A missing copy of the Bible.

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