Writing In A Little Notebook
Unleash your creativity – and the novel that’s buried within us all

Many people believe in the idea that everyone has one book in them. The trouble for 99% of these people is putting it eloquently into words. If the book hiding away inside your thoughts is a fictional novel, even if it’s based loosely on the truth, you will need to crack the hard task of creative writing.

Unlike most other writing forms, creative writing permits you to deviate from reality. There is, however, a need for well-thought-out creativity, which is not something that many people can naturally tap into.

The key to success in this lies in your ability to step aside from established standards of a particular writing style or most often seen content and open the door of your brain to new ideas.

The source of ideas for your writing style can be everywhere – from poetry, random social media posts, or even non-fiction articles that caught your eye. Anything can have an engaging and interesting way of presenting information, and be used as inspiration for your writing style.

And the source of ideas for your creative writing content can be even more diverse – even your dreams, childhood memories or your random thoughts and intuition. Getting in touch with your subconscious mind may in fact, actually be the key to original and creative writing.

But to get one started, every amateur writer can harness three simple techniques to enhance their creative writing abilities.

Mental focusing techniques

This primarily involves focusing on the positive outcome. The idea is that by concentrating your mental activity you can enter a quiet state of mind. Mental focusing techniques help you to get rid of all the stray thoughts and replace it with one focused thought: your writing.

The technique simply invites you to make yourself comfortable in a cosy chair and try to awaken the creativity inside of you. Then imagine yourself sitting at your computer, typing fluently and writing creatively. After several minutes open your eyes and start writing.

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