Drawing A Portrait Of Mother And Daughter
By learning the basics before you get going, you can become an accomplished portrait artist.

Being able to capture a human likeness is a sought-after accomplishment for many new painters, but can also be somewhat challenging. Learning some of the basics of portrait painting can help lessen the confusion.

Learning some of the more basic portrait painting tips and techniques can help lessen some of the confusion many beginners face. These will help you self-teach the skill of painting portraits and will help you get to grips with an art class much faster. With practice and a little natural born talent, you will soon be painting magnificent portraits.

Real people

If at all possible, try to use a life model as opposed to a photograph. There is simply no substitution for painting from life. The colours are richer and the shadows and contrasts are sharper. Painting from a photograph can lead to a dull, lifeless painting. Remember that most of the world’s most famous paintings were created before the advent of photography.

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