Buzzard Bird On Weeping Willow
Fishermen who don’t tidy up risk injuring or killing swans, ducks and other wildlife

Swans, ducks and other wildlife are frequently injured and killed by hooks and lines left behind by careless anglers. The good news is many of these injuries are preventable by following a few simple rules.

It’s not just fish that are getting caught by fishermen’s hooks and lines. Wildlife such as swans, ducks and other birds are getting tangled up and seriously injured in fishing tackle that careless anglers leave behind.

In June 2020, RSPCA made an appeal to anglers to clear up fishing litter after a swan became entangled in fishing line at Gooderstone Water Gardens in Norfolk. Wildlife centre manager Alison Charles said:

“This swan had suffered quite a gruesome injury, but we are hopeful that he will begin to eat properly again. This shows how much injury and distress can be caused by discarded fishing litter. We appeal to all fishermen and anglers to cut up line and recover hooks and take them home to dispose of properly.”

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