Keeping fit physically has been highlighted in recent years

It has never been more important to think about physical fitness. The outbreak of Covid-19 showed us all how important it is to be healthy, with physical fitness being a possibly neglected armour against illness. According to NHS Inform, physical exercise can; ’enhance your mood, wellbeing and energy levels by helping to reduce stress, anxiety and depression’.

Feel Good Factor

With the rise in mental health issues recently, exercise not only protects the body, but strengthens the mind. It raises confidence, builds discipline, creates a distraction and releases feel good endorphins. Reason enough to put on your trainers and get sweaty.

However, the need to exercise is timeless - especially in a sugar rich modernised world of office jobs, and machine labour.

Seek Advice Before Exercising

Below is a home exercise guide to maximize fitness levels, and physical appearance at minimal expense.

Firstly, it is important to seek medical advice before undertaking physical activity. Secondly it is important to thoroughly warm up before exercise to deter any chance of injury.

To avoid creating postural imbalances - which can cause pain in everyday life, it is important to train every major body part. This creates optimal symmetry and posture.

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