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The perfect cup of tea is very much a matter of personal taste

Tea is more than just a beverage; it's a comforting ritual, a moment of tranquility in a busy day. Making the perfect cup of tea is an art form that requires attention to detail and a respect for the process. Whether you prefer black, green, herbal, or oolong tea, the key to creating a delicious and satisfying cup lies in the following steps.

The first step in making a perfect cup of tea is selecting high-quality tea leaves. Whether you opt for loose leaf tea or tea bags, always choose a reputable brand known for its freshness and flavour. Experiment with different types of tea to discover your favourite, whether it's a robust black tea, a delicate green tea, or a fragrant herbal blend.

The quality of the water you use can have a significant impact on the taste of your tea. For the best results, use fresh, filtered water that has not been previously boiled. Avoid using water that has been sitting in the kettle for too long, as it can become stale and affect the flavour of the tea.

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