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Finding the perfect pair of jeans is no mean feat

Whatever their size, finding well-fitting jeans is a task many women dread. But whether they’re in fashion or not, the perfect pair of denims needs to flatter your shape. Read on to find out how.

There’s nothing simpler than a pair of blue jeans – they go with anything, can be dressed up or dressed down, can be smart enough for work or just right for lounging. So how is it that finding the perfect pair can be such a nightmare?

Take the skinnies, which until recently were the fashionista’s denim of choice. Sure, they looked fabulous on Kate Moss and the high street served up pairs in every colour and to suit every wallet. But the truth be told, though most of us were wearing them, many didn’t really suit them.

Ditto the high waist, the extreme flare, the peg and even the boyfriend jean. Fashion or no fashion, the right pair of denims needs to suit your body shape. But fear not fair maidens, the right pair of jeans doesn’t have to mean boring old bootcut. There is a style-forward shape out there for you whether you’re an apple or a beanpole.

Skinny minnies may be the envy of the more voluptuous woman but a stick-thin figure is as difficult to dress as the widest behind. You can pull off skinnies, yes, but be aware that they will accentuate thin legs. Add curves with a high waist, wide set back, high up pockets and a good flare which, if you aren’t afraid of your height, will look fabulous with a rocking pair of wedges.

Pear-shaped ladies may bemoan their inability to work the rock chick trend but there’s nothing that looks finer than a pair of lovely wide legs with a high heel and a simple beaded vest top on a curvy figure. A wider leg balances hips and conceals thunder thighs but beware of too much stretch across the behind, which can make a large bum look huge.

Shorter legs can be elongated with straight-legged jeans, especially those which crop at the ankle, giving the illusion of a longer, thinner leg and do away with the need for adjustment. Although beware of a too-short crop which can make a petite lady look shorter and a sturdy calf look positively chunky

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