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Lockdown dogs are facing spending time alone for the first time and not all are doing well with this fact. Here are some vet recommended tips to keep in mind.

The pandemic saw a huge rise in pet ownership, going from 41% of households to 59% in just one year [source below]. Dogs remain the most popular choice.

Furlough, home working, limits on outdoor activities and loneliness all contributed to the rise. However, the imminent return to the office, for most people (at least part time), means that many of these pampered pooches will be facing extended periods of alone time for the first time, while others may find themselves accompanying their owners to work.

Media vet and nutrition expert Dr Joe Inglis, from home-cooking platform, explains how you can help your dog through this huge change in his or her life.

"Dogs are pack animals and can be distressed if suddenly left for long periods of time. It’s important to prepare for and manage the separation. The extension of the lockdown gives you the time you need."

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