Oranges In Net Bag
The hottest new item in eco-fashion - the net bag

We’re often told how we can be more eco-friendly in the home but never forget that our shopping has a huge impact. The good news is taking a more sustainable approach to your shopping habits doesn’t mean you have to give up the things you love; you simply need to change your shopping habits.

Shop and Buy Local

Whenever possible, you should try to shop and buy products from local businesses in your community. In addition to supporting your local economy, it also means you are buying products that haven’t been transported from far afield. Therefore, you aren't contributing to the waste of natural resources on the international transport of goods. If you’re shopping for food, it’s likely to also be fresher.

Buy Less Products

When buying an item, especially clothes and gadgets, ask yourself if you really need it? The chances are that after a few months you may be bored of it and it will end up in a landfill where it will remain for years. Alternatively, if you love an item but it’s broken or ripped, try to mend it instead of throwing it away. Food waste is also a huge problem so when you’re next out shopping write a list before you leave the house and avoid impulsive buying!

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