Assorted Houseplants

Being environmentally conscious does not just contribute to a sustainable lifestyle it also makes good, economic sense. Now more than ever, the time is right to make positive changes in the home to help protect the planet and its natural resources. Furthermore, choosing greener alternatives will have a positive effect on you and your family's health as you'll be living with fewer toxins and cutting out air pollutants. Whatever your reasons for wanting to make your home a healthier one, there are easy changes you can make that won’t cost the earth.

Go Greener for Cleaning

There used to be a common misconception that eco-friendly products are more expensive than their chemical counterparts. However, now more manufacturers are producing a wider range of cleaning products and their prices have become more affordable for the average consumer. If you haven't done so already, swap from chemical cleaners and opt for environmentally-friendly products to improve the health of your home and cause less harm to the planet.

Be Mindful of Waste

Many of the household items we use will take thousands of years to decompose and this causes irreversible environmental damage to the earth. Think of replacing household disposables with reusables; for example, napkins and paper towels can be replaced by cloth napkins and microfibre towels. Similarly, choose to buy wool dryer balls instead of fabric softener sheets and go for reusable, non-plastic containers for food storage. The next time you’re out shopping, stop and think about waste and how switching to reusable products can help to limit our household waste.

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