Green Fingers

The trend for consumers to buy from sustainable businesses is on the rise. Sustainability therefore not only has a positive impact on the planet but also on your brand and reputation. And transforming your business to be environmentally friendly is not as difficult to implement than you may think. Here are five ways to make your business more eco-friendly.

Go Paperless

With all of us making small changes to improve our eco approach to life, people want to buy from a company that follows green practices. Plus, if we can do it to our general lifestyles, then the same principles can be added for a sustainable business.

For example, it may seem like an obvious choice to help reduce waste but being able to access all your documents electronically is also an effective way to get smart with paper. Using software for payroll or invoicing will make it easier to manage your business and give you instant access without having to sift through piles of paper. It also means better security for all the business’ important documents, even when they are being edited or shared online.

Eliminate Single Use Products

Does your office use plastic cups for water or single servings of coffee pods? Maybe it has paper towels in the toilets? Take a look around your business premises and look for ways you can reduce waste instead of using single-use products. For example, ditch those plastic cups and swap them for paper or recyclable materials. Consider getting hand dryers in the toilets. These kinds of little changes will go a long way towards your business being greener and save you money too.

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