The popularity of knitting has grown hugely in recent times

If you can't get out or are limited for time or money then it can be difficult to find a good hobby. But finding a passion and an interest to keep you occupied staves off the desire to endless binge on Netflix and biscuits at the same time. Consider some of these relaxing and engaging hobbies to deal with isolation or boredom.

Find Your Strengths

A new hobby should be something you enjoy; keeps you engaged and makes you happy. It could be a challenge or something which appeals to your existing strengths and interests. Access to materials and similar is also difficult during the current lockdown so consider a low maintenance hobby where you can learn new skills and enjoy some well-earned relaxation time. Consider these ideas:


Reading is not something you have to leave behind when you finish school. If you’ve fallen out of the habit, then it’s easy to get started again if you find the right book. It’s a great way of relaxing but also gives you the chance to escape into new worlds and experience new ideas and environments. Once you find your favourite genre there are endless possibilities and bestseller’s lists and prize winners are a great way to start.


Yoga can be a complex and difficult skill but it doesn’t start that way. With just the help of a DVD, YouTube channel or online class you can soon have the most basic poses learned and practice them whenever you need them. It is a brilliant skill for both your physical and mental wellbeing and it can help build your physical strength and flexibility too. Yoga helps you to relax and focus your mind and can help with concentration too.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation are skills that are often considered in line with yoga, but they don’t have to be. Mindfulness is the practice of being present and in the current moment and focuses solely on that. It can take time to develop and involves understanding and noticing your thoughts without judgement. Meditation or mindfulness can be something you dedicate just a few minutes to everyday and it can significantly improve your mental wellbeing and happiness.


Not just for the older generation, there’s a knitting revolution going on and with yarn bombing and other fun activities, it’s something anyone can get into. A perfect way to unwind and enjoy your own company, you can also create a whole range of handmade presents for special occasions and save cash when it comes to getting in next year’s knitwear.

A hobby which helps you relax and unwind is the perfect tonic to the difficult and sometimes scary times we’re living in. It’s a great way of dedicating some time to yourself and keeping your mind occupied and away from worry.

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