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Professional or DIY enthusiast it is essential to know how to use power tools

Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or just want to build up a good tool kit for your DIY projects, power tools help complete most projects faster and to a greater degree of finish.

The secret is how to use them properly to avoid injuries or a broken piece of equipment. Essential power tools may include sanders, grinders, drills or saws so knowing the correct way of using them to their full potential is necessary for a job to be done safely and professionally. The following guide provides you with the basic information to ensure a task is completed efficiently and safely.

Angle Grinders

There are a range of angle grinders on the market and they can be used for polishing, cutting and grinding. Although there are larger versions, 4-½ inch and 4-inch ones will usually be suitable for most jobs. Familiarise yourself with all their features before using them and ensure you choose the right disc for the job. For example, polishing tasks will need a sanding disk and for concrete or metal, a grinding disk should be used.

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