Father and Child Painting Christmas Decorations

Not only are your own self-made decorations more fun and meaningful, they’re a great way to save on money this year. So read on for some great DIY decoration ideas to get stuck into.

Baubles and ornaments

Baubles are a staple of Christmas. They’re great for hanging on a tree, but can be added anywhere – on door handles, on the edge of a computer screen, around staircase bannisters.

The nice thing however is that you can buy blank or white ones and decorate them yourself. Ceramic or wooden are the easiest to paint, though if you find a plastic type that is covered in a paintable layer, then that works too. These can be bought online or in most arts and crafts shops. Acrylic paint is your best bet, as it is widely available, easily absorbed by ceramic or wood, keeps the colours vibrant and is easy to work with for both adults and children.

You could perhaps make a dark blue ball with snowflakes on it, paint a face onto a Father Christmas figure, or go for a little Christmas tree with red and green. Then a ribbon or twine, widely available in most shops this time of year to help hang them up.

Handpainted Christmas Tree Ornament

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