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There’s always a day that you’d like to fill with something interesting and fun. But most people are constrained when seeking out a hobby – either their hobby budget isn’t very high, or they can only do indoor ones. To help out with ideas for the new hobby seekers, here is a list of low-cost, indoor, creative hobbies for you.


This is a great way of organising memories for later perusal, as well as simply being fun and creative in terms of cutting and gluing paper in an interesting format.

For example, if you like travelling, or going to places like museums and galleries, chances are you’ve seen or even bought the little postcards or cards available, and then shoved them in a drawer somewhere. The same thing often happens with tickets from shows or festivals. With a scrapbook, you can glue them in neatly and in order, note down the year and place you got this from, and perhaps who you went with as well. You can look back over the places you’ve been, or art that you’ve seen, and have a proper keepsake rather than many odd pieces of paper.


This is a very useful as well as creative skill to learn, as origami pieces make for great little presents and don’t cost more than the price of the paper and your patience in learning how to make a miniature lion. If you start to master the craft and can make larger pieces to place on a bookshelf or mantlepiece, then that makes for some lovely indoor decoration too.

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