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Ben Fogle started his TV career on a Scottish Island

Ben Fogle is an award-winning broadcaster, author and adventurer who has just embarked on one of his most personal pilgrimages. Having started his public life on the programme Castaway, he took a journey back to those roots in his latest television adventure – BBC’s Scotland’s Sacred Islands – where he reconnected with the location for the ground-breaking show.

Over four episodes, Ben travelled across a number of Scottish islands, meeting the people whose spirituality connects them deeply to where they live. He has explored the beating heart of community and spirituality from Tiree to Taransay, Iona to Harris, South Uist to the Shetlands Isles, and along the way, discovered what makes each island unique.

Castaway changed me in so many ways. I was not the star of Castaway, Taransay was, the Outer Hebrides was, Scotland was. I’m still fascinated by Scotland’s islands. The remoteness, the peace, the wonder - I even named my daughter Iona after one. I’m lucky to have been to a lot of places but to me these islands are the most beautiful on Earth. This is where my roots really are, where I feel spiritually at home. This is my dream series. Ben Fogle

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