Bathrooms can be beautifully simple but stylish

Bathrooms can be clinical spaces with large expanses of white making up the bulk of the room. It doesn’t have to be this way and your bathroom can be a place of fun, character and have as much of your personality in it as any other room. Art and accessories are key to giving your bathroom a beautiful makeover, but how do you pick the right piece? Does certain art lend itself better to bathrooms? Consider these suggestions below for a new look for your loo.

Find Your Style

Embrace Minimalism

Some people like the clean lines and simplicity of their bathroom and want the art to match. Graphic art fans can opt for simple line drawings, geometric-inspired mirrors and monochrome art works which add character without overwhelming the space or creating too much confusion. A minimalist bathroom can be tasteful, attractive, and also lowkey.

Keep it Cohesive

It’s very easy to get carried away with artworks and select too many pieces which may or not work well together. Take time to decide on the look you want and select pieces which genuinely fit well into this idea. The same colour palette and style should be kept in mind, so if you have a coastal themed bathroom interior, with soft tones and nautical elements, keep the same focus for your choice of art.

Find our Focal Point

You can use a portrait or a bold piece of art to create a focal point for your bathroom. It draws the attention away from the facilities and creates the feel for the room. If you want to make more of an impact, you could use the shower cubicle space as a canvas and utilise it as the single substantial piece of art for your space. If you go bold, then you need to make sure you stick to the single feature or things could start to look messy.

Style it up with Wallpaper

Bold printed wallpapers are not usually something you associate with bathrooms but the trend for cloakroom wallpaper has grown and grown. More and more designers are opting for the boldest and most vivid printed papers for bathrooms, with many designs available in waterproof or water-resistant materials, ensuring your room looks great even when wet.

Go Green with Vines and Pot Plants

Bathrooms are a wonderful home for a wide range of different houseplants. Lush greenery is the perfect partner for crisp white surfaces and there are a wide range of different plants which particularly suit bathroom environments, such as spider plants. Hanging baskets and pots from the ceiling can create a unique look and turn your bathroom into your own miniature jungle retreat space.

Make a Mini Gallery

For vintage style in your bathroom consider decking it out with tons of small, framed prints and pictures. Positioning the artwork symmetrically and in columns helps to create a bold, stylised look. The placement of the art and the choice of frames will impact the overall look.

The way you style your bathroom with be dependent on many factors, including the size of the room, the natural light and of course your personal taste. With a little bit of planning whatever look you’re hoping for can be achieved

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